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Financial AccountingWe would like to highlight that our firm provides accounting, financial reporting and transaction-intensive process support to clients. While your management concentrates on enhancing the core business, our skilled professionals focus on your financial accounting and reporting. We perform these functions efficiently and cost-effectively in timely manner. 

Accounting fee rate RM50 per bank statement page plus RM50 per cash ledger page .. and using the AutoCount cloud accounting system at RM50 per month.  

Consulting Jabatan Perdana Menteri (JPM) Strategic Planning has been outsourced to AFFD Management Services and EY Consulting Sdn Bhd ..  

Financial Management – We can prepare budgets for business loan application or business plan. The following budgets will be prepared using the excel spreadsheets:  

     Budgeted Cash Flow, 

     Budgeted Profit and Loss and 

     Budgeted Balance Sheet.  

Soft copies will be given to our clients which will enable them to do editing.  We will also assist our client to do a presentation to the bank.  Our minimum fees is from RM2,000 depending on the complexity plus travelling and stationery.  We may charge higher for bigger projects.    

Internal Auditing - We guide our clients on how to have adequate internal control procedures.  For example, we show how to safeguard the company assets, such as stocks in the warehouse and petty cash.  

Accounting Staff Training - We used to train our clients' account staff on how to have proper source documents filing. Furthermore, on how to properly key in into AutoCount or Quickbooks or Xero online accounting.  The charge is RM300 per day plus travelling.  

Mohd Affandi bin Hamzah (MIA17061) is a registered mentor in MIA CARE (Chartered Accountant's Relevant Experience) program.  

Accounting Staff Recruitment - We can handle client's recruiting of accounting staffs, by posting job advertisements at mudah and conducting job interviews.  Cost of job advertisement at mudah is minimum RM50.  For a one day recruitment interview at client's office, the fee will be RM300 plus travelling.  

The following services will be performed by associate firms:

Auditby Yusof Suffian & Co or Jamal, Amin & Partners  

Taxation, by MNCTaxation Services Sdn Bhd

Company Secretarial, by Citra Advisory Sdn Bhd